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Un classico intramontabile: la ricetta per un'insalata di riso unica

A timeless classic: the recipe for a unique rice salad

Who said rice salad is a sad dish? If prepared with quality ingredients it can be a really good, fresh and tasty recipe, perfect for the summer!

There is a true story of many traditions in Italy on how to make rice salad. You can really create many different recipes, also using different types of rice.

Have you ever tried it with Apollo rice? Its grain resists cooking optimally, for a simply perfect consistency.

Rice Salad Recipe: Why Use Apollo?

Although less famous than Basmati rice, Apollo is part of the same family and is used in the same way.

The difference is that it is an Italian , sustainable and km0 rice . Furthermore, thanks to our original packaging, you will not only have quality Piedmontese rice, but also completely plastic-free.

The rice salad recipe

Here are some ideas for a truly original rice salad.

rice salad: ingredients

• 300 g of Apollo rice
• 3 cans of tuna
• Fresh cherry tomatoes
• Dry tomatoes
• 3 hard-boiled eggs
• Feta to taste
• Taggiasca olives
• Fresh basil
• Salt to taste
• Pepper as needed
• Lemon to taste
• Extra virgin olive oil to taste

Rice salad recipe

Boil the rice by covering it in salted water . Once cooked, let it cool separately.

Cut the cherry tomatoes into wedges and chop the dried tomatoes into coarse pieces. Combine everything with the rice, adding the tuna, hard-boiled eggs divided into quarters , olives and diced feta.

Let's move on to the dressing: finish the dish with a generous round of extra virgin olive oil, salt, pepper, lemon and finally fresh basil.
Before serving, let it rest in the fridge.

The longer you let it rest, the better the rice salad will have absorbed the flavors of the ingredients you seasoned it with.

Enjoy your meal!

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