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Our history

A story with solid roots, entirely Made in Italy. La Balocchina is a historic estate located in the territory of Baraggia, an area in Piedmont where rice has been grown since 1500.

In 1930 the estate's rice production began, now in its third generation. It was only in 2021 that LaBalocchina decided to enter the international market and export the quality of 100% Italian rice grown in Piedmont all over the world, the first rice packaged without the use of

Our mission

We work every day to become the point of reference for the Italian rice and its derivatives sector, with a strong focus on quality and sustainability.

Our vision

Enhance one of the most valuable raw materials of Made in Italy, creating the first 100% plastic free rice , processed with respect for the territory and packaged in innovative packaging.

What we believe in


The first 100% plastic free rice

We have invested in the research and production of a series of 100% plastic free packaging, with modern and design lines, which reduce waste and can be reused indefinitely.


Rice grown in Piedmont

The territory of the Baraggia and the areas of Biella offer the optimal pedo-climatic conditions for the cultivation of rice. Not surprisingly, Piedmontese rice is recognized worldwide as one of the best Italian rice.


As a synonym of quality

We believe in Made in Italy as a synonym of quality. LaBalocchina rice is processed entirely in Piedmont, it is a rice rich in nutritional values and beneficial properties, to satisfy your every need at the table.

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