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Risotto ai funghi porcini

The porcini risotto recipe with our prepared risotto

Porcini mushroom risotto is perhaps one of the most iconic dishes of the fall season. How many times, however, do we prepare it with mushrooms bought at the supermarket, perhaps even frozen, and find ourselves after hours of preparation with a bland and tasteless dish?

Today we see how to prepare a simply delicious Porcini risotto, above all, with a preparation of only 18 minutes.

But is the prepared risotto good?

No, ours is not a ready risotto , but a flavored risotto ready to cook.

We are used to thinking that a ready meal cannot be as satisfying as a created recipe with our own hands from scratch. Right from here we started to create our prepared risottos, very easy and quick to prepare, to which only your touch is missing.

The secret is the choice of an Italian rice, of Before quality , and certified and first choice ingredients, without preservatives And added glutamates. They are ideal for those who have little time in the kitchen but don't want to give up the taste and flavors of good Italian food.

Once you try it, you never go back.

Porcini risotto recipe (for 3 people)

Let's see immediately how to prepare this dish and what ingredients we need.

• A package of risotto with porcini mushrooms
• A knob of butter
• Water to taste
• Half a glass of white wine
• Cream cheese to taste


1. Toast the rice in a pan by adding a knob of butter . When the rice is shiny, it will be toasted to perfection.
2. Mix the rice well, blending with of white wine.
3. Cover the rice with 650ml of water and cook for about 15/18 minutes. You won't need to salt or use other condiments.
4. Manteca to taste off the heat with some cheese and a knob of butter, preferably cold. You can use Grana Padano, Parmigiano Reggiano or if you prefer more decisive flavours, a little taleggio .

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