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Classic Carnaroli rice in glass jar - 480g


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Carnaroli rice is considered the king of rice, thanks to its versatility and its wide use in cooking. Born in 1940, his name originates from Emiliano Carnaroli, at the time government commissioner of the National Risi Authority.

Long grain, firm consistency, excellent cooking resistance and high starch content make it an ideal product for those looking for the perfect risotto, where the al dente consistency meets the creaminess of the creaming.

Also complete from a nutritional point of view, Carnaroli is perfect for giving life to many traditional recipes or for those who love to bring an innovative impetus to the kitchen.


As mentioned, Carnaroli rice is perfect especially if you want to prepare a risotto. Let's see what the main reasons are:

Perfect resistance to cooking : a good risotto must have an excellent consistency. Thanks to its grain, which resists cooking perfectly, a good Carnaroli does not overcook, nor does it risk giving rise to the pimping effect, but rather keeps each grain intact and shelled. For a pleasant sensation in the mouth.

Rich in starch : among the polysaccharides that make up starch there is amylose, and Carnaroli is rich in it. This substance helps to make the grain firm, but at the same time more starch is released during cooking than other varieties of rice. The result is the classic cream, a fundamental factor for an impeccable risotto.

In this package you will find a 480g jar of our rice.

Why 480g? The recommended portion of rice per meal is 80g: using our practical dispenser you will have 6 portions per jar available.


Carnaroli rice is a rice Long type A. Its grain, large and oval in shape, has an opalescent central pearl, which helps absorb flavors and aromas during cooking thanks to its porous surface.

Rich in amylose and resistant to cooking, it is a perfect rice for the preparation of risottos and which today is among the most used in the kitchen, both by great starred chefs and by families all over the world.

Usage tips

Our rice is a quality product, 100% made in Piedmont, and its nutritional values ​​make it a complete food rich in beneficial properties. It is recommended to use it to create first courses, in particular risottos, but also for other traditional recipes, such as supplì or arancini.

    *Average nutritional values ​​per 100g
    Energy 351 kcal
    Fat 0.7g
    Carbs 78g
    Protein 7g
    Salt 0g

    Our rice is packaged in modern, designer packaging, but above all 100% plastic free, to respect the environment and reduce plastic waste. Glass jar with black label and cardboard cap with dispenser function give life to a practical package, as well as pleasing from an aesthetic point of view. Also perfect as a gift for a special occasion.

    In addition to this, the measuring cap makes life in the kitchen easier, avoiding the use of weights, scales or other tools to measure the doses.

    Finally, let's not forget the practicality of the packaging, which allows you to seal the rice impeccably and store it in the pantry without any risk of contamination.

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