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Baldo Rice - A 480g jar for 6 people


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Baldo rice is a rice of great tradition, very versatile, used in the kitchen to make different recipes. Although this rice variety was only introduced in 1977, other more famous varieties are often still preferred today, but for the farmers of our area this is the real "King of rice".

Especially in recent years, the doors of some of the most important world cuisines have opened to this tasty, consistent rice, capable of masterfully cooking.


As mentioned, Baldo rice is perfect especially if you want to prepare a risotto. Let's see what the main reasons are:

Perfect resistance to cooking : Baldo rice is one of the best when it comes to cooking resistance. The grain, refined and consistent, keeps cooking perfectly without becoming floury, but on the contrary remaining compact even if it cooks a few more minutes.

Rich in starch : Baldo rice releases a lot of starch during cooking, and for this reason it is recommended for the preparation of creamy and well-blended risottos. It also has an excellent ability to absorb condiments, enhancing the taste of the raw materials to which it is combined.

In this package you will find a jar of our rice, 480g.

Why precisely 480g? The recommended portion of rice per meal is 80g: using our practical dispenser you will have 6 portions per jar.


Baldo rice is a superfine rice, characterized by a very consistent, large and translucent grain. It was born in the seventies from the cross between Arborio rice and the Stirpe 136 variety.

Nutritional values

* Average nutritional values per 100g

Energy 361 kcal

Fats 0.7g

Carbohydrates 78g

Protein 7g

Salt 0g


Our rice is packaged in a modern, design packaging, but above all 100% plastic free, to respect the environment and reduce plastic waste. Glass jar with black label and cardboard cap with dispenser function give life to a practical package, not that pleasant from an aesthetic point of view. Also perfect to be given as a gift for a special occasion.

In addition to this, the measuring cap facilitates life in the kitchen, avoiding the use of scales, scales or other instruments to measure the doses.

Finally, do not forget the practicality of the packaging, which allows you to seal the rice flawlessly and store it in the pantry without any risk of contamination.

Recommendations for use

Our rice is a quality product, 100% made in Piedmont, and its nutritional values make it a complete food rich in beneficial properties.

It is recommended to use it to create first courses, in particular risotto, but also for other recipes of our tradition, such as supplì or arancini. Its excellent resistance to cooking makes it a rice also suitable for giving life to tasty rice salads.

    *Valori medi nutrizionali per 100g

    Energia 361 kcal
    Grassi 0,7g
    Carboidrati 78g
    Proteine 7g
    Sale 0g

    Il nostro riso è confezionato in un packaging moderno, di design, ma soprattutto 100% plastic free, per rispettare l’ambiente e ridurre lo spreco di plastica. Vasetto in vetro con etichetta nera e tappo di cartone con funzione di dosatore danno vita a una confezione pratica, non che piacevole dal punto di vista estetico. Perfetta anche per essere regalata per un’occasione speciale.

    Oltre a questo, il tappo dosatore facilità la vita in cucina, evitando l’utilizzo di pese, bilance o altri strumenti per misurare le dosi.

    Da non dimenticare, infine, la praticità della confezione, che permette di sigillare il riso in maniera impeccabile e conservarlo in dispensa senza alcun rischio di contaminazione.

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