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Il riso de laBalocchina premiato a The WineHunter Award 2023

La Balocchina rice awarded at The WineHunter Award 2023

Five products, three rices and two prepared risottos, were awarded at the 2023 WineHunter Awards: a certificate of excellence that represents an important reference for consumers and operators in the sector.

The WineHunter is the guide dedicated to the best wine & food references selected with great skill by the tasting commissions coordinated by the hunter of food and wine excellence Helmuth Köcher . The results of the 2023 WineHunter Awards have finally been made public and among the awarded products, there are five products from laBalocchina:

  • Classic Carnaroli Rice in Glass Jar - 480g
  • Baldo Wholemeal Rice in Glass Jar - 480g
  • Apollo Rice in Glass Jar - 480g
  • Porcini Risotto in Recyclable Paper - 215g
  • Saffron Risotto in Recyclable Paper - 215g

The two risottos obtained the Red award, while the Carnaroli rice, Wholemeal Baldo rice and Apollo rice obtained the Gold award.

What is The WineHunter Award

The WineHunter Award is the award of excellence and high quality that is awarded every year to various categories , including wine and culinary products, spirits and beers.

There are three different scoring bands:

  • The WineHunter Award Red : for all scores between 90 and 92.99
  • The WineHunter Award Gold: for all scores between 93 and 95.99
  • The WineHunter Award Platinum: for all scores of 96 and above

After a careful evaluation, the award is awarded only to those products that reach the minimum required score of 90 out of 100. This is a certificate of excellence that guarantees the consumer a final quality of the product of the highest level.

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