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Alla scoperta del riso, fra storia e benefici

Discovering rice, between history and benefits

Its botanical name is Oryza sativa, it belongs to the Graminaceae group, but the whole world knows it with the name of rice. This cereal, naturally gluten - free and rich in benefits, is considered to be the oldest cereal ever.

Today it is the second most consumed cereal in the world after wheat, with eastern populations ranking first, thanks also to the favorable climatic factors for its cultivation. But also in Europe, over the years, rice has taken hold to become an irreplaceable element on our tables.

Today we talk about its properties and benefits. Let's find out why rice is so loved!

Rice: properties and benefits

Rice is a very important food for our diet, highly digestible and very light. There are many properties of this super - food , which makes it one of the most consumed foods in the world.

Let's see what are the properties and benefits of rice.

Nutritional properties of rice

Rice is a food rich in nutrients that are very important for our body. Made up mostly of carbohydrates , proteins and fats, it has a limited presence of proteins, which are unable to form gluten, making rice also suitable for those suffering from celiac disease .

As for brown rice, this is rich in fiber and has a great satiating power, which make it perfect to be included in a low-calorie diet.

Speaking of calories, rice contains very few: only 130 for every 100 grams of product . Light, astringent and detoxifying, it is ideal to be included in a diet for those who want to lose weight.

Furthermore, it must be said that of all cereals, rice is the one that has the least allergenic potential .

Benefits of rice

Rice has many benefits for our body, but we must always remember that as with all foods, there are many types of rice on the market.

This is why it is always necessary to make sure that you consume a qualitatively valid product, in order to benefit not only from its best benefits, but also from a grain that resists cooking and is perfect for giving life to greedy dishes !

We now come to the benefits of rice, which are really many.

  • Highly digestible, rice perfectly regulates the intestinal flora.
  • It is gluten-free, ideal for celiac sufferers.
  • Helps fight hypertension .
  • Helps prevent cardiovascular disease and control blood pressure.
  • It is an antioxidant food.
  • It has a strong satiating power thanks to the large amount of fiber it contains.

You just have to discover our rice and taste all our qualities . We have been growing rice for three generations on our estate in Mottalciata, in the province of Biella, putting all our passion and skill in transforming the gifts of the earth into quality products.

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